Courses on AI

Do you want to know more about AI?

Study Friday events will host courses where participants attend two to four Fridays with some homework in between. The following courses are planned to be given during 2021:

Not on Fridays:

The introduction course give a broad overview of artificial intelligence, ranging from knowledge representation, automated reasoning, autonomy, machine learning and responsible AI. The machine learning course will give deeper knowledge in the branch of AI that concerns extracting information and learn from data.  The course on reasoning and decision making for industry gives deeper knowledge in the branch of AI that concerns knowledge representation, reasoning and decision making. The ELSEC course spans ethical, legal, social economic and cultural  aspects of AI-based systems and their use in society. These courses are complementary, to provide a broad understanding of the basics of AI and its personal, societal and cultural implications.

Attendance in the scheduled course activities and submitting home exercises are obligatory to receive a certificate. No formal credits will be provided in this first editions of the courses.

Stay posted about more information about the courses and other upcoming events!

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