Course: AI for industry – Introduction

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term used for describing technologies that are used for designing and constructing intelligent computer programs. There is a vast amount of AI algorithms and AI software tools to build intelligent computer programs. This course is an introduction to AI for professionals in industry and public organisations who have knowledge in engineering and system development. The course gives a wide perspective on different well-established AI methods and tools in order to show the potential opportunities to develop new AI-based technologies.

The main themes of the course are theories and algorithms, which go from classical AI to emerging machine learning algorithms. The course also introduces social implications of the AI-based technologies, such as responsible development of AI.

There are three main expected learning outcomes for the students attending this course:

  • Describe concepts, methods, and theories of automated reasoning, decision-making, planning and search, machine learning and multiagent systems.
  • Design and evaluate intelligent software agents.
  • Discuss the effect on society of emerging AI-based technologies.

The course corresponds to 3 ECTs and consists of eight lectures with exercises, divided over three days, combined with home assignments and a fourth day for presenting assignments. The course is developed by the Department of Computing Science as part of AI Competence for Sweden, in dialogue with Örebro University and their SMARTER program for industry. A certificate of attendance will be provided, but no formal credits in this edition of the course. Note that presence during the three days and submitting home assignments is obligatory to receive the certificate.

Time: 9.00-15.00

Dates during 2021: October 1, October 15, October 29, November 12 (presentations of homework)

Location: Seminar room at the MIT-Place, MIT building or Zoom.

Register using this link before September 29.

For more information, please, contact Juan Carlos Nieves:

The course is part of a package of introductory courses for industry and public organisations that is currently being developed by Umeå University for increasing knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. For an overview, please, visit this page.