Nov 30, 2018: Study Friday

Do you want to know more about AI? Vill du veta mer om AI?

Welcome to Study Friday Fredag, 30 November, 10.00-14.00 i MIT-huset! Register using this link. The Study Fridays are part of the AI Competence for Sweden initiative.

Preliminary Program


10.00-10.30     Coffee and information about ongoing efforts on AI

10.30-11.45     What is AI and what can we use it for? Part II: “AI for broadcasting” (Johanna Björklund)

12.00-13.00    Lunch and panel discussion on a societal issue: AI in social media – a threat to democracy?

The following persons will join the panel:

  • Viktor Hariz, Journalist, Sveriges Radio
  • Johanna Björklund, CTO of CodeMill (among other roles)
  • Kai-Florian Richter, Associate Professor, Department of Computing Science, Umeå University
  • Christopher Blöcker, IceLab, Umeå University

13.15-14.00    Glimpse from an AI-course: “Artificial and human cognitive agents” (Kai-Florian Richter)

Seminar Room:

Demonstrations and opportunity to test interactive AI technology built in research and education: Augmented Reality, robots, decision support systems