Nov 22: AI Friday – a Social Science Perspective on AI

Welcome to learn more about AI!

The AI Friday workshops are organised as part of the national effort AI Competence for Sweden aimed at increasing knowledge about AI.  Mark also November 29 and December 6 in your calendars!

Date: Friday November 22

Time: 9.15-15.00

Location: MIT-Place, the MIT-building

Host: Faculty of Social Sciences, Umeå University

Register November 19 at the latest: Link


9:15 Welcome and introduction: AI Competence for Sweden @ UmU. Speakers: Gregory Neely, Pro Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Karin Danielsson, AI Competence for Sweden, Faculty of Social Sciences

9:30-9:45 Fundamentals of AI. AI for Cognitive Science students (Bachelor). Teaching a broad subject to a diverse group of 150+ students on campus. Speaker: Adam Dahlgren Lindström, Department of Computing Science, ICT Services and System Development

9:45-10:00 The Ethics of Handling Medical Emergencies with Artificial Intelligence. In this interactive presentation, we will explore a set of proposed ethical guidelines for the use of “black box” artificial intelligence in life-and-death medical emergencies. Speaker: Erik Campano, student

10:00-10:30 Coffee

10:30-10:45 Organizational change and data analytics – Exploring the implications of AI for management, control and governance. Speakers: Vasili Mankevich and Johan Sandberg, Department of Informatics

10:45-11:00 AI in business education: Insights from the marketing course. Speaker: Galina Biedenbach, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)

11:00-11:20 Statistical Learning (Machine Learning) in Courses for Social Science Students. Speaker: Maria Karlsson, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)

11:20-11:40 Negotiating Visibility – Interaction Beyond Explainable AI. Speaker: Mikael Wiberg, Department of Informatics

11:40-12:00 Distribution of lunch

12:00-12:15 Introduction: interdisciplinary panel. Moderator: Karin Danielsson

12:15-13:00 Panel (and lunch) Title: Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary AI-research


  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Jan Leidö, Department of Law
  • Faculty of Arts: Marlene Johansson Falck, Department of Language Studies
  • Faculty of Medicine: Jenny Persson, Department of Molecular Biology
  • Faculty of Science and Technology: Timotheus Kampik, Department of Computing Science

13:00-13:20 Feminism, Care and Artificial Intelligence. Speaker: Anna Croon, Department of Informatics

13:20-13:40 Using Machine Learning tools in applied research. Speaker: Anders Lundquist, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE), Department of Integrative Medical Biology (IMB)

13:40-14:00 Artificial Intelligence from a pedagogical perspective. The presentation will give a pedagogical perspective on AI with two practical examples of ongoing research. Speaker: Eva Mårell-Olsson, Department of Applied Educational Science

14:00-14:20 Coffee

14:20-14:40 What you want to know: Using AI to predict and promote the interplay between human curiosity and knowledge acquisition. Speaker: Linus Holm, Department of Psychology

14:40-15:00 Final discussion and closure. Speaker: Karin Danielsson