AI Competence for Sweden

AI Competence for Sweden is the working name for developing a national distributed platform for increasing AI competence in Sweden, supported by the Swedish government. Umeå University is one of the universities participating in this initiative. Other are Chalmers, KTH, Örebro University, Linköping University, Lund University and Göteborg University. This page  contains some of the activities organised in Umeå to increase knowledge about AI in society, and to make Umeå a strong node in the AI Competence for Sweden network.

The following are the main activities organised at Umeå University during 2019:

For more information, contact Helena Lindgren (, Umeå University’s representative in the AI Competence for Sweden national work group together with Anna Mannelqvist, and Chair of the local work group at Umeå University.

Local work group:

Karin Danielsson, Department of Informatics

Mikael Hansson, Department of Computing Science

Per Holm, Humlab

Tommy Löfstedt, Department of Radiation Sciences

Anna Mannelqvist, External Relations Office

Ola Ringdahl, Department of Computing Science

Patrik Rydén, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics